The “Shaping Life – Intervention Program for Healthy Lifestyle” toolkit is out now! The project’s partners have concluded the work in cooperation delivering the output of the second project’s result, a toolkit for adult educators.

The toolkit addressing adult educators and individuals, consists of a set of 21 exercises on 5 topics: Anxiety, Burnout, Depression, Career Planning and Parenting. The idea behind the exercises is that of creating a pattern of healthy habits. According to neurological science, our brain requires a minimum of 21 days to form a habit. These exercises organized in flows are thought to be implemented in small groups and accompany adults into a path of self-awareness and change, to cope and gain tools in everyday life stressful situations.

The toolkit is the outcome of the intervention program consisting of many phases before getting to the final product. First, a set of exercises was made. The exercises were tested in a staff training where professionals in the field of psychology and staff members put into practice what they learned. Then, groups of adults were involved in implementing the activities and upon receiving their feedback, final changes were made to achieve this result.

Download now “Shaping Life – Intervention Program for Healthy Lifestyle” toolkit here in the project’s website!