On the 22nd of January, the project’s partners took part in the final project meeting of Shaping Life. The meeting was held online where managerial issues together with implementation aspects were discussed.

The project went smoothly producing a great quality of the outputs. At the final meeting, management tasks as well as the project activities were discussed. The consortium took stock of the situation: in 24 months of project life a manual was produced and an intervention program involving 450 adults was implemented at a local level.

All partners promoted the project results at a local level among organisations working in the adult sector and psychological field. Now one final, important project aspect to carry on: the evaluation of the impact of the project. Partners discussed the best way to present the data collected and see how the program changed the participants’ views on their lives.

The meeting ended by tackling aspects of quality assurance and dissemination to better monitor and promote the project.

Soon there will be a new deliverable ready to download, so, stay tuned!