Innovative pathways for a healthy

lifestyle in adult education


“Shaping Life: Innovative pathways for a healthy lifestyle in adult education” aims to educate adults from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, in order to achieve psychological life skills to develop and implement a healthy lifestyle, even in difficult conditions, such as pandemic context and post-crisis period. In the frame of the Erasmus+ KA2, Shaping Life is a cooperation partnership that wants to offer qualitative support services and psychoeducation and also to develop a group support methodology in which people can involve actively in helping other people, by sharing their experiences and concluding the best strategies that help them to face difficulties.



Increasing the development of a healthy lifestyle of 900 adults through an innovative methodology of active involvement, peer-learning, and support groups.



Increasing the capacity of 45 adult educator to help their target group in implementation of a healthy lifestyle 



Capacity building for 5 European organisations from Romania, Italy, Spain and Portugal, in the adult education field.

“Shaping Life” Adult Educator’s Manual

The Adult Educator’s Manual is an intellectual product whose main purpose is the improvement of abilities of adult educators to guide adults when they want to implement change, either in their own lives (for reducing anxiety, depression, burn-out or other challenges brought by pandemic context), whether it’s solving a problem in the community they live in. The Adult Educator’s Manual brings as an innovation the fact that, besides aspects related to group dynamic in the field of adult education and maintaining motivation, the approaches in the context of the new social setting and highlights the need for certainty of people in order to regain the trust in plans for future and an equilibrate lifestyle. The manual will contain 3 parts: – a general part, with information related to the field of adult education, adult educator’s identity in the 4 partner countries, the national specifics of the adult education through non-formal methods, but also common European values, areas of influence and specific topics – a practical part aimed at change – content related to 5 very important topics that adult educators are facing in order to help their target group. The impact we expect is one that aims especially at the quality standard of the work of adult educators become coordinators for support groups and the impact that they will have it in the organizations in which they carry out their activities.

“Shaping Life” Intervention Program for Healthy Lifestyle

Is a personal development program in the cascade, which started from the need identified at the level of the 4 local communities of partners – to have a concrete guide with clear examples and transmitted in a close and accessible message, in at the same time attractive to adults. Each organization will send to an international Training Course 3 specialists in adult education, who will become trainers and supervisors to another adult educators from the partner organisations. Through a process of internal multiplication in each organization, 45 adults’ educators will work with 10 adults with different issues: anxiety, depression, burn-out, parenting challenges and professional problems – each adult involved in the problem will choose another person to work with, can be couple partner, family member, friend etc. In this way, will share all the information and they will be both involved in the program. In total, the final beneficiars target group will be 900 adults involved in the changing program. The major innovation of this methodology is that the people involved first will learn how to be supportive with the others and how to encourage them to start a changing program.


Project results are presented all over Europe!

Project results are presented all over Europe!

In December the consortium presented the project results to their target adult audience. Psychology students, teachers, young adults and migrants were presented with the two main results. The first project result is the manual for adult educators that analyses social...

The testing phase ends!

The testing phase ends!

In December the consortium ended the testing phase at a local level. Over 450 adults were involved in the Intervention Program, carrying out successfully the set of activities specifically designed for the participants in the project. Each partner worked with its...

The testing phase continues in Palermo!

The testing phase continues in Palermo!

Italian Shaping Life partner, CEIPES, started the testing phase in its office space in Palermo. This project phase is testing the “Intervention program for healthy lifestyles” with adults from over eighteen to an elderly age. CEIPES has involved young adults from the...