On 19th and 20th of April, “Shaping Life” consortium partners – CEIPES, Rosto Solidario, ASPAYM, Doxamus and Gamma Institute- met at Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, for holding the second Transnational Meeting. “Shaping Life: Innovative pathways for a healthy lifestyle in adult education” is an Erasmus+ project that aims to educate adults to achieve psychological life skills to develop and implement a healthy lifestyle.

Through these meetings, consortium partners had the opportunity to discuss different aspects of the project and prepare the following key step of the project: the testing phase. Partners made a collective review of the manual covering five key topics -anxiety, depression, bournout, career planning and parenting- and the activities’ toolkit. 

Having these materials ready, partners got ready for holding training sessions in all their countries. Encounters will be held first with adult facilitators, who will be formed to become able to conduct subsequent sessions with groups of adults. The Transnational Meeting has been key for defining the structure of the training as well as how results will be analyzed, among other aspects. 

Beside this, the partners also had the opportunity to visit Santa Maria da Feira and enjoy its cultural heritage through a Gimkana activity that started in the ancient castle and got through the historic city center. 

After sharing these nice and productive days together, consortium partners are ready to keep working on the project and meeting next October in Palermo, Italy.