From the 28th of February to the 5th of March, Organization staff, specialists, psychotherapists, counselors and teachers met in Iasi, Romania for training on 5 specific topics: Depression, Anxiety, Burn-out, Career Planning, and Parenting.

The training is the preparatory phase of the Shaping Life Intervention Program for Adults providing tools to cope with issues in adult people’s lives. The intervention is set up as a program in the cascade: each one of the participants will train other 2 educators from the national organizations. In the end, every adult educator will carry out the intervention program for adults in the partner organization countries: Romania, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

During the 6 training days, each partner focused on a topic and prepared the theoretical aspect together with the practical activities to explore the topics. The exercises were tested and partners provided feedback for the next phase. It’s been an intensive and fruitful week, partners had the chance to share experiences but also to spend free time together.

Special thanks to Doxamus for hosting the training, Gamma for the coordination, and thanks to CEIPES, Aspaym, and Rosto Solidario for participating.

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